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Insider Wedding Tips, Part II

Back in 2011, a publishing company contacted me requesting my help by doing an interview for an Insider Wedding advice book that they were publishing. I took the time to answer the questions and they promised to follow up in five days but never did…how rude, huh?! I have no idea if the book was ever published or if I ever got credit as promised. Well, its been almost 3 years and I know you all can take advantage of the knowledge that I shared in that interview so I am sharing it here with you. This blog post comes at the perfect time as the holidays are over now and many brides are now diving deep into their wedding planning. Enjoy these Wedding Tips & Advice! :)

(Don't forget to read part 1 of this interview in our previous blog post).

Do most makeup artists do pre-wedding consultations with the bride-to-be and the wedding party? If so, what is typically discussed at a consultation?

Yes, makeup artists should do a consultation during which all information needed to create the perfect wedding day look is discussed. Some topics to discuss during the consultation include the client's skin type, what products she usually uses and how she usually wears her makeup to determine what she is comfortable with, the desired look for her wedding day, wedding colors and makeup color preference, wedding details such as number in bridal party, time, location, etc.

Should the bride-to-be and the bridal party hire the makeup artist for a trial run first?

Yes, it is always a good idea to have a trial run first. At the trial run, the client can ensure she gets a look that she is pleased with in order to avoid disappointment on the wedding day. The trial run is also an opportunity to get familiar and comfortable with the look, and to see how long and how well the makeup holds up through out the day.

Is it a good idea for a bride to wear lashes on her special day if she's not used to them? Why or why not?

I usually recommend that a bride wears false lashes as they add an extra flare to her overall look. If the bride isn't used to wearing false lashes, she should definitely try them on before the wedding day so she can get familiar and comfortable with them. False lashes typically don't take long to get used to and the bride will usually forget that she is wearing them after a few minutes of having them on.

What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is a method of makeup application where the makeup is sprayed as millions of tiny droplets onto the client's skin under gentle pressure for a smooth application. Airbrush makeup is now popular among brides for a long-lasting coverage that appears flawless even in High Definition photos and videos.

Does the makeup artist typically come to the bride-to-be, or does the bride-to-be travel to the makeup artist?

Yes, the makeup artist typically comes to the bride on the wedding day. It creates a more relaxing experience for the bride as we wouldn't want the bride running around on her wedding day.

Is it best for the bride-to-be to have her hair done first, before the makeup, or the other way around? Please explain why it's best for one to be done before the other.

If the bride needs to get her hair washed, or needs to go under the dryer, then she definitely needs to get her hair done before her makeup, as we wouldn't want her makeup to get ruined in the process of getting her hair done. However, if the bride is just getting her hair styled, then it isn't so much of an issue whether she gets her hair or makeup done first. However, we typically like the bride to get her hair done first, so that she is not sitting in her makeup for too long before the event, and also because we wouldn't want hair products such as hair spray to get on the finished makeup. Sometimes, there are time constraints that will require that the makeup and hair are done simultaneously.

Does the bride-to-be usually need to have special equipment such as special chairs, lighting, or mirrors for the makeup artist?

It is always great to have a good source of natural light when the bride is getting her makeup done. Although not necessary, it is also a good idea for the bride to have a high chair to sit in while getting her makeup done, so that the artist doesn't need to lean over too low while applying the makeup as this may cause back ache. It is definitely also a good idea for the bride to have a full length mirror in order to see herself all dressed up before she heads for the aisle.

What factors and options usually determine how much a makeup artist charges?

Makeup artists usually have their standard rates which are typically influenced by their talent, experience, and the market rate in their location. Other factors that may influence the rate include distance of the bride's location from the artist's, number of people getting their makeup done, additional time if the bride wants the makeup artist to stay all day for touch ups, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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