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Airbush vs Traditional Foundation


Traditional foundation is probably what you are more commonly used to...applied using brushes or sponges and then blended into a flawless finish. Airbrush foundation is applied using an air compressor to spray a fine mist of foundation evenly over the skin, without the need to blend manually. Airbrush makeup is a lot thinner than regular traditional liquid foundation. This makes it more weightless, which provides a lighter coverage. While it is possible to build up the coverage, layering this up heavily defeats the whole purpose of the light weight airbrush foundation. For this reason, we typically recommend airbrush to those with nice skin that don't require much coverage, if lighter weight makeup is your preference. While traditional makeup will normally provide more coverage than you'll get from airbrush, we can also thin this out if you prefer something lighter. When properly applied by a professional, no one should be able to tell which method was used to achieve the end result, because with both methods, the finished result will be equally flawless and long lasting needing only occasional minor touch ups, if any. 



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