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Insider Wedding Tips, Part I

Back in 2011, a publishing company contacted me requesting my help by doing an interview for an Insider Wedding advice book that they were publishing. I took the time to answer the questions and they promised to follow up in five days but never did…how rude, huh?! I have no idea if the book was ever published or if I ever got credit as promised. Well, its been almost 3 years and I know you all can take advantage of the knowledge that I shared in that interview so I am sharing it here with you. This blog post comes at the perfect time as the holidays are over now and many brides are now diving deep into their wedding planning. Enjoy these Wedding Tips & Advice! :)

How far in advance should a bride-to-be book a makeup artist? It is best for the bride-to-be to book her makeup artist as soon she has confirmed her wedding date and has the funds to secure her artist. This typically ranges anywhere from 3 - 9 months before the wedding day, and maybe even earlier for the more experience and talented artists who are usually in higher demand. When a bride uses a makeup artist, will she look too "overdone"? Absolutely not, not if she uses an experienced professional makeup artist, who knows how to apply makeup to create the perfect look without being too overdone or too underdone. The bride’s makeup can range anywhere from a flawless natural look to a flawless glammed-up look, depending on the bride's preference, wedding theme, facial features, etc.

How does a makeup artist ensure that the bride looks good on her big day, both in person, and in photos too? It takes an experienced artist to know how to create the perfect balance so that a bride not only looks flawless in person, but to ensure that the look also translates perfectly on camera. This is why brides need to understand that they may need to wear a little more makeup than they are used to, so that they look great in their wedding photos as well.

Does the entire bridal party normally use the services of the makeup artist too? Often times the entire bridal party will use professional makeup services. However sometimes, only part of the bridal party will use professional makeup services, and some other times just the bride alone will use the services. This is usually dependent on the client's preference or budget.

How long does the whole process take? How long the process takes will depend on the artist working. I usually ask brides to budget an hour for themselves and 30 minutes each for the rest of the bridal party. Between each client, there will also be about a 5 minute break for cleaning the makeup tools and preparing for the next client.

Will makeup typically be used that has been used on other clients? What sanitary factors should a bride-to-be ask about when speaking with makeup artists? Yes, makeup products and tools that will be used on a client has often times been used on previous clients. However professional makeup artists are familiar with techniques to ensure proper hygiene. They will usually use tools to collect and apply the makeup in order to avoid double-dipping into the products. They will also typically clean their tools between clients. A client who is in doubt should take the time to ask her artist the process used to ensure the products and tools remain sanitary.

How do makeup artists work with clients who have sensitive skin and various skin types? A professional makeup artist will usually hold a consultation session with the client. During this session, the artist will inquire about the client's skin. Clients are usually familiar with their skin and will let you know if there are any products or brands that they react to. Many brands have a formula for sensitive skin which the artist can use as an alternative.

Be sure to check back for the rest of this interview in our next blog post, where we discuss consultations, trials, airbrush makeup, false lashes, etc. In the mean time, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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Crystal-Eyez is Chicago's leading professional makeup service provider that offers a host of professional makeup services on-location or in-studio, for all your wedding events such as your engagement photos, bridal shower, wedding day, anniversary, vow renewal, etc.

As a multi award winning beauty expert, our work has been featured on some of your favorite wedding shows such as TLC's Four Weddings, in commercials, on multiple billboards in various countries all over the world, in numerous international publications, and on some celebrities.

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