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New Year, New Skin

Want to know the secret to your favorite star's flawless makeup application? Well I’ll tell you… it starts with…come closer ladies, you ready? It starts with…Their skin care routine! Dun dun dun!! The not so secret secret is out! Beyonce, Nicki and the likes don’t just wake up sit down, get glammed up by their makeup artist and get award show ready makeup. No no no ladies, these women are taking care of their skin underneath the makeup through their daily skin care routine. Now I know some of you may be going, “girl I don’t have the time to be doing all of that”. Trust me, I know. But what if I told you that you really don’t need to take any more time for your face than you would to brush your teeth and fix your hair. These 3 simple skin care steps are easy and quick. Let me break it down for you:

  1. Cleanse!

  • It is extremely important that you “take the day off “and “start the day off” as I like to call it, with fresh clean skin. Think about it like this; cleansing your face when you wake up not only rejuvenates the skin for the day but it also preps the face for whatever makeup products you are going to put on. It is just as important that you wash your face at night, especially if you have makeup on during the day. DO NOT GO TO BED WITH YOUR MAKEUP ON! I cannot stress that enough. You will wake up with a beat face, sure! But then later on that day or a couple days later you will experience issues with your skin. I know you want to preserve that good beat down that you just got, but trust me ladies it isn’t worth it to sleep with all that makeup on your face.

  • Depending on your skin type you may fall under 3 different categories. Dry, Oily or Combo. Use a cleanser that will cater to your specific skin type.

2. Moisturize! Moisturize Moisturize!

  • You must lubricate that skin! After you cleanse your skin, the PH balance of your face has been stripped of its natural barrier. You must bring the moisture back into the skin so that the natural oils in the face have their protective coat of armor against environmental elements. Without the use of a moisturizer you will start to see texture on the skin and also unnecessary breakouts.

  • Just like choosing a cleanser you should choose a moisturizer that is suitable to your skin type. And yes my oily ladies you as well need to use a moisturizer. Try using one that is oil free.

3. Use SPF!

  • SPF is extremely important for all skin types. Regardless of your ethnic background everyone alive is exposed to the sun and its UVB and UVA rays. It doesn’t matter if it’s 80 degrees and sunny or -5 degrees and frosty, you must wear an SPF. Sun damage accounts for 90% of all skin problems that women face. From fine lines and wrinkles to dark spots and textured skin, the sun will give that to you if you don’t protect your face. Use a full spectrum (UVA and UVB) based SPF of 15 or higher. (The highest being 50 for the face here in the U.S.) Those rays are powerful and the damage it can do to the skin has long and lasting effects. The damage it can do can sometimes not be seen for years. Yes ladies it gets that deep.

  • There are tons of moisturizers that are on the market that have SPF built in it. So if you want to maximize your time then choose a moisturizer with an SPF.

How This Affects Your Makeup Application

I always tell people to think of how important the foundation of a house is to the overall functionality of said home. A cracked foundation will create a domino effect of issues to that house. However if the foundation of a house is solid, sturdy and built on good soil then you can rest assure that house will stand the test of time. The same can be said for proper skin care and the longevity of your makeup application. If you take the time to cleanse and moisturize your skin each and every day, you will find that your makeup application will be its absolute best. Regardless if you are putting on an “everyday face” or getting glammed up you will love the way you look with makeup on because you have taken care of the skin underneath.

For some, this post may be something that is redundant. You already cleanse, moisturize and protect your skin every day. Great! I have more posts coming that relate to taking your skin care routine up a notch to really get the results you’re looking for in your skin and makeup appearance. For others however, this post may be right on time as you may have wanted to know the secret behind some of your favorite celebs' makeup application. Well there you have it! It’s a New Year ladies so let’s kick off this year with flawless skin. Your makeup will thank you for it!

Yours in Beauty,

Licensed Esthetician

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!

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