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BCG Events: Ah! Mazing Vendor, Crystal-Eyez Makeup

Back in May of 2011, the wonderful Ayoteju, CEO of BCG Events, events designer extraodinare based in the DMV area, contacted me requesting for an interview to showcase my craft. Memi of BCG, took the time to conduct this interview. We discussed my passion for makeup artisrty, the birth of Crystal-Eyez, my interest in bridal makeup, my favorite looks, some of my best and worst experiences on the job...

"Ha ha lets just stick with my worst experience, I think you'll find that more entertaining. I had a bride who only contacted me two days before her wedding. That should have been my first warning sign..."

This was a fun interview, you'll definitely enjoy this one! Read full interview here:

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You can also find out more about BCG Events through their social media platforms:

by Bisi E.

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