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What kind of Bride are You?

Do you occasionally catch yourself day dreaming of your wedding day? Is it going to be a beautiful mystery romantic scenery so full of love, yet classy and elegant like you? Ahhh you are what I call, The Romantic Bride!

Class and elegance is all about a refined quality of precision, detail and enhancement of all things natural, ie. your beauty. So it only makes sense that the romantic bride wears her makeup flawlessly beautiful, but light and natural to remain true to her beauty. This way, the groom sees his bride straight through the transparent makeup without any distraction. The main things to keep in mind in creating this look include, keeping the makeup light, thin or in other words, weightless. This is especially true for the foundation, such that the skin remains visible. Airbrush makeup will achieve the qualify of coverage that you desire. Otherwise, great quality tools such as the Crystal-Eyez brushes are perfect tools to create a flawless skin.

Your brows speak a thousand words as they frame your face. Get them professionally groomed prior to the big day. On the wedding day, be careful that the brows are not drawn on, but are filled in lightly using an angled precision brush and a brow powder or pencil in a color close to your hair color. Use short strokes in the direction of the hair growth and be sure that your finished brows are blended well with a good brush to create rich brows that look elegant and most importantly, natural.

Shimmery light pinks, silvers, or grays and earth tone creams, oranges, and browns are the perfect eye shadow colors for creating dreamy romantic eyes. Using a good blending brush will result in unnoticeable transitions to give your beautiful eyes a subtle and natural-looking spark. Your lashes should be curled and your eyes lined very close to your lash line, keep the lower eye line thin and clean. Make sure your false lashes are applied neatly and as close to your lash line as possible. Remember you want your groom to see straight through your makeup without distractions, so to ensure that your lashes are not in the way, stick to only one coat of mascara preferably only at the base of your lashes. Avoid carrying the mascara wand through to the tip of your lashes, especially if you are wearing false lashes. A better alternative will be to use a lash comb or wand to comb your lashes to perfection. Don’t forget to lightly highlight your check bones with a blush color in the same family color as your eye shadow.

Your lipstick should compliment your bouquet. To create the perfect lips, use a lip brush for accuracy and precision. Finish up your flawless luscious lips with a rich boost of shine using one of the Crystal-Eyez Lip Glosses in the same family color as your lip stick. Crystal-Eyez Lip Glosses come in a variety beautiful of colors, each with a built-in precision lip brush for a precise and easy application. Now with these irresistible lips, let us just hope that your groom can wait till “You may now kiss the Bride!”

Finish up this flawless look by bronzing up that beautiful face for a sun-kissed glow. And there you have it, flawless, beautiful, classy, elegant…and ofcourse, a truthfully romantic Bride.

Hey, hey, wake up! There you go again…day dreaming! At this point, you are probably on cloud nine, but be sure not to forget to have a Touch Up Kit on your wedding day. This should include the few important touch-up essentials that you need for a quick fix to maintain your flawless look all day long.

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Source: Side View Magazine, July 2010 issue; The Wedding Makeup Expert Asks, What kind of Bride are you? By Bisi Essien, Owner of Crystal-Eyez Makeup Artistry.

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